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Car Headlights – All About The Headlights On Your Car

Halogen, LED or Xenon light on the road

Car headlights are the most important part of every car. What you need to know about car headlights, types, and the use of headlights. The presence of headlights is linked to a period of more than one century. The fact is that car lighting at that time could be characterized as weak, uneven and blinking and often were petroleum lamps that were worn on the side of the car.

Genesis G90

Considering the traffic density and the speed of the vehicles themselves, this kind of lighting was considered more than adequate. Huge efforts by developing teams and constant struggle to savethe energy and quality of the light beams as much as possible led to the emergence of three types of halogen bulbs, diodes, and xenon.

Halogen lights and their use

Various configurations lead to the division of this kind of bulb on those for long, short and light fog. They are like ordinary bulbs because they have a tungsten core but differ in the interior because the halogen bulb has inert gas and a smaller amount of halogen (bromine or iodine) which leads to high temperatures in the core itself, and thus the production of stronger light.

In the chemical cycle, tungsten vapor is focused on returning to the burning surface, saving lamp life and prolonging its lifespan.

Features of xenon:

In addition to halogen halves considered to be the most widely used, xenon can be freely placed at another location. The production of light comes through an electric arc with high power while the arch is formed of tungsten electrodes and all this is hermetically sealed in a quartz or aluminum oxide cylinder filled with special gas or metal salts.

LED lights on vehicles:

The latest technology has also introduced this paper when it comes to the automotive industry. For the production of light, the semiconductors are responsible for the movement of electrons. Considering the exceptionally low amount of light of a single LED. A much larger number must be placed that automatically leads to a rise in the price of this type of headlight and is also in most cases related to the installation on expensive cars.

Lightness quality:

If we leave light bulbs in the headlights and the type of lightning itself, what should be especially considered is the maintenance of the headlights themselves. When talking about the part of the branch that is mostly plastic and the various external influences on which this material is exposed on a daily basis, The result is a nuanced mat plastic and a problem that needs to be removed. It is not necessary to buy new headlights, but the solution can be achieved by simple and economical polishing.

Brush-less Hub Motors

With these engines, there is no problem with closing the circuitry through the rotor over brushes, and therefore it is cheaper to maintain and there is no cheating between the rotor and the brush. As a controller dictating the direction of rotation of the motor, it must know where the rotor is in relation to the stator in the stator; there is a Hall sensor or a rotary encoder.


Due to the defects caused by the commutator in recent times, a two-dimensional brushless motor has been developed, which has a permanent magnet on the rotor, while through the wind winds break the current leading to rotation of the rotor. The current passing through the stator windings is controlled by an electronic circuit, the so-called electronic commutator or inverter, which replaces the classic commutator. In order to be able to correctly determine through which electronic commutator will fill the current, and the current to be directed, such a motor must have a rotor position sensor on the basis of which the commutator operates.

Efficient BLDC brushless motor

Stamina despite long-term continuous work

With the use of low-current BLDC motors, heat generation is induced; The increased temperature on the surface of the enclosure can be reduced even in heavy industrial applications, which require long and lasting loads.

More work with one charge of the battery

BLDC motors are more efficient and have better energy production and are specially designed to provide more work with one charge of the battery. The longer life of the battery reduces the cost of battery power tools.

DC motor without brushes

It’s not maintained because there are no brushes. Energy production is more efficient than a DC motor with wipers because there are no losses due to plugs, which allows lower current to reduce heat production and longer operation with one charge of the battery