Electric Motorcycle

The early history of electric motorcycles is still unclear. September 19, 1895, Ogden Bolton Jr. from Cantona (Ohio, USA) filed a patent application entitled “Electric Bicycle”. On November 8, the patent for “electric bicycle” was also filed by Hosea V. Libbie from Boston. In London, in 1896, at the Stanley Cycle Shove bicycle manufacturer, Humber exhibited an electric tandem bicycle. The engine is set in front of the rear end and is driven by several batteries.

Speed control was by means of resistance and was placed on the bicycle controller. The electric bicycle is mainly intended for racing use.

The beginnings of electric motorcycles

The October 1911 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine mentioned the introduction of an electric motorcycle. It is said to have a speed of 121 km to 160 km per charge. The motorcycle had a three-speed controller at a speed of 6.4 kilometers per hour, 24 kilometers per hour, and 56 kilometers per hour. In 1919, Ransomes, Sims, and Jefferies made a prototype of an electric motorcycle where the batteries were placed under the anchor seat. Although the vehicle was registered and intended for use on the roads, it has never been a test drive.


In 1936, Limelette brothers founded the Socovel electric motor company (Societe pour l’etude and Construction of Vehicles Electrikives or Electric Vehicle Research and Production Company) in Bruxelles. During the German occupation during World War II, they continued their production with their approval. Because of the rational and controlled fuel consumption at that time, they are a remarkable success. No, after the end of the war, they moved to more conventional models that were not powered by an electric motor. Electric models remained available until 1948.


During the Second World War, the United States was faced with the forced introduction of more rational fuel use, and Merle Williams of Long Beach, California, invented an electric motor that pulled a trailer with brakes. Due to the popularity of the vehicle, Williams has produced more than one such vehicle in its garage. All this together led to the founding of the company Marketeer Company (now Partap Corp.) in 1946.

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