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E- Bike Conversion Kit

Basically, electric bikes involve a motor-assisted ride. In most cases, it is a combination of a traditional bike with a battery and a motor that offers the ability to drive with the use of a pedal or a pedal-free ride, when the overall power required to start is supplied by the engine.

Electric bikes consist of a modified or customized pedal frame and an electric motor with a battery that helps to drive. This allows the driver to cycle through the pedal or to take advantage of the battery and engine power.


When the engine is selected, then there is no need for the driver to use the pedals, the bike goes like a scooter. On the other hand, the bike can be driven and pedal, but it is much easier to ride than a conventional bike since even in this case, the ride is partly supported by the engine, which depends on how strong the engine is (power ranges from 250 to 600 watts). Stronger bikes move faster and significantly facilitate riding on rises.

5 advantages of an electric bike versus other motor vehicles

  • It can be driven without a driver’s license;
  • More economical in relation to scooter and motorcycle, since it uses electricity for start-up, so there is no cost of buying gasoline or gas;
  • More secure than scooters and motorcycles, for the simple reason – it develops lower speeds;
  • The electric bicycle is easier to avoid and bypass urban traffic jams because it can be driven by a sidewalk or through a park;
  • It is more environmentally friendly than other motor vehicles.

Electric bike kit – a set of equipment for converting your bike into an electric bike/bicycle with an electric motor. In the package for electric bicycle:

  • electric motor for rear wheel 36V 500W
  • head diameter – 240mm electric motor
  • gas handle
  • Controller
  • brakes
  • cables
  • battery charger 36V
  • minimum diameter – size 20 “

Dots, spokes, and batteries are not included. We recommend batteries with a minimum capacity of 7 Ah (about 30 minutes of driving).