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Electric Scooter Hub Motor

Most of today’s motorcycles are powered by lithium-ion batteries that have the ability to recharge. While some earlier motorcycle models used nickel-hybrid batteries. Alternative battery types are also available.


All electric motorcycles are fully charged by connecting to ordinary wall sockets. Usually, the charging time is about 8 hours (most preferably overnight). Some manufacturers have come up with a CHAdeMO level 2 high-voltage charger, including battery or battery accessories, which can charge up to 95% per hour.

Fuel Cells

There are several experimental prototypes that use fuel cell technology. ENV is developed by Intelligent Energy as a proto-using hydrogen fuel cell. The motorcycle has a range of 160 km and can reach a speed of 80 km / h.

Comparison of electric and gasoline motorcycles


Electric and gasoline engines of the same size and mass are roughly comparable in their properties. In August 2013, Road and Track rated the top electric motorcycle as faster and better for handling than other conventional motorcycles. Electric motors have a better acceleration of 0 to 60 seconds since they are immediately able to develop a full torque without clutch immediately available.


Electric motorcycles carry major disadvantages with regard to driving distance, as the batteries can not store as much energy as the fuel tank can. Every distance achieved with one charging and higher than 210 km is considered an extremely long range.

Charging time

Even with special equipment, battery charging lasts considerably longer than fuel tank charging, making electric bikes less flexible than their gasoline competitors. With the maximum number of chargers, it takes more than an hour to charge the Zero S ZF6.5 battery from 6.5 kWh to 95% capacity.


Charging time also increases with battery capacity. Battery Zero S ZF13.0, which has a capacity of 13 kWh, takes more than two hours to charge 95% capacity, with the maximum number of chargers. Although this is not a problem for traveling by electric motorcycle and overnight charging, this will be a major problem for long trips that require multiple charging during the trip.