Quality Aluminum Labels

Benefits of Printing Quality Aluminum Labels

Aluminum prints are often used to give instructions such as warnings of hazardous products and to give important signs or directions on the roads and facilities.

These include:

  • No parking allowed signs
  • No smoking zone sign
  • Legend Plates
  • Machine Labeling
  • Custom plates
  • Tracking labels
  • ‘Keep off’ labels
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Getting quality aluminum labels printed is very important as the messages contained needs to be visible. Hiring a label printing company will ensure your aluminum prints:

  • Are printed clearly and in compliance with regulations in the respective industries
  • Are weather-resistant as aluminum signs are mostly displayed outdoors
  • Unique and eye-catching hence you can even use them to show your name and logo such as Tint Cartel
  • Give clear directions, thus motivates your teams
  • They are cost-effective as they can last a lifetime
  • They are easy to clean
  • Are versatile and can be custom made to suit your preference in terms of thickness and so on

Benefits of Custom Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Print Labels

Printed labels are very crucial in the healthcare industry. Labeling errors can be very costly and dangerous as they can cost a patient’s life in the worst-case scenarios. Administering the right medication and in the proper dosages is very important in healthcare. Quality labels are essential for the following reasons.


  • They create a seamless medium of communication that everyone handling medication understands.
  • Quality printed labels will display drug names.
  • Eliminates the risk of error as tall man lettering can be used to differentiate drugs that are similar in sound or appearance.
  • Ensure both physicians and non-clinical staffs know how to handle medication or medical substances when they come across them.
  • Increases efficiency in the management of the workflow.
  • Labels ensure the work environment is safe as every item’s use is precise.
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Benefits of Custom Industrial Print Labels

Industrial materials such as chemicals need proper labeling to avoid chemicals. Labels are also used to give instructions and warnings. With custom printed labels, you can design your labels with your brand colors and sizes. Industrial print labels are useful for the following reasons:

  • They indicate the net weight and amounts of contents
  • Nature of the products by use of an image and description
  • They show the distributors statement for instance Manufactured and distributed by
  • Warning and caution statements
  • An accurate list of ingredients

You can consider various types of printing to make your labels stand out such as hot foil stamping and double-sided labels.